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Jessica Embry, M.Ed.

I am a homeschool Mom and teacher who is passionate about education and helping others succeed in their own homeschooling journey.   I have many parents who say their connection with me has strengthened, encouraged, and enabled their own homeschool to be successful.   


After earning a B.A. from Salem College in 2001 (double majoring in English and Chemistry with a minor in Math), I continued private tutoring and teaching homeschool classes while successfully helping many others in their homeschooling journey.   Then, I completed a Master's in Education in 2018 from Regent University.   With twenty-five years of homeschooling experience, I still love learning!


I am proud to say that my parents homeschooled me along with my three siblings.  This was such an amazing example of courage in an age when homeschooling was not well-known.  My husband and I are currently homeschooling our daughter (age 17) and our son (age 9).  We also have a daughter who is in preschool.  


I have participated in teaching at our local co-op and now am serving on the Board.  My teaching style inspires students to learn through their own interests and talents.  All of my classes are faith-based classes in which good character is promoted and scripture may be referenced.





There is not one right way to homeschool.   Each family finds their own pathway to academic success.  As a teacher and homeschool coach, I want to give you the advice and materials necessary to help you succeed while schooling at home in a sustainable and successful way.  But I don't promise to give the same answer twice!


My mission is to help homeschool families succeed.  I have many resources and lots of experience that I will use to help you.  Whether it be teaching your child, advice on curriculums, or help troubleshooting your existing homeschool plan, I am here to help.   If I don't know the answer, I will help you find it!


I am a professional educator and veteran homeschool mom.   Whatever you are facing, I have probably been there too or know someone who has!  I can help you find answers to suit your homeschooling needs.  Each family homeschools differently, with unique, expected outcomes and different methods.   I am here to encourage you and support your vision.  


Contact me today and see what a difference having an understanding and professional educator and Homeschool Coach can make to your homeschool!

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