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A Homeschool Coach is here to help you.  I recognize that everyone has a different homeschooling journey.  Please find the box below that describes your need.   I will answer your questions, make recommendations and give you guidance to make your homeschool a success!  

Getting Started.


I want to homeschool but I need help getting started.  I want a Homeschool Coach to guide me through this process.   How do I begin?   What curriculum do you recommend?  What requirements do I have to fulfill by law?

Academic Advice.


I need academic advice on what to textbooks and materials to use in my homeschool.   I would like to speak to a Homeschool Coach that can give me options to fit my family's unique academic needs.



Help me organize my homeschool.  I want advice on structuring our day, our calendar and/or our records.

Standardized Testing.

Which standardized test is right for my child?  Is it required by state?  I need some help tutoring my child for this test.



Help!  We've started homeschooling but it is not going well.  I need to speak to a Homeschool Coach who has experience homeschooling and will help me troubleshoot!   

State Requirements.


I am currently homeschooling but I would like to know what my state requires me to do in order to maintain a legal homeschool.   I want to speak to someone who will tell give me the resources to fulfill this obligation.  



I want to homeschool but my family and/or friends are not in agreement.  Help me to explain to them why homeschooling could be a great option for my family.


My child needs help in her class.   I am interesting in finding out about your tutoring services by Skype.

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