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My Number One Statement to New Homeschool Parents...

It seems appropriate that I should begin this blog with the number one thing I say to homeschool parents. I say this over and over. I say this to veteran parents. I say this to myself! Here it is:

"In homeschooling, you do not have to be your child's teacher- you have to be the principal!"

What this means is that good homeschool parents have to make the right educational choices for their child. They DO NOT have to teach every. single. child. every. single. class!!

If parents are too busy or do not feel qualified to teach, then homeschooling can still work GREAT for them with the right educational plan. This plan could involve the child taking classes somewhere else. This plan could involve others in the family teaching the child. Or the child could take classes online. There are so many outside the box options. You are the principal so you decide who teaches!

We want to help you make your homeschool work for your family. Click here to start our survey and then book an appointment with us to talk to you.

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