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Don't Forget to Pray About Homeschooling

"Don't forget to pray about homeschooling."

This is a piece of advice that I need often. In the stress of academic planning, I sometimes forget that praying for wisdom to educate hearts and souls is important. I do pray for my children- for their physical and spiritual safety, especially. But recently, I had a sweet phone call with another homeschool friend, MaryBeth, and she reminded me to pray about my daily homeschooling.

MaryBeth's story was that her and her three kids just weren't enjoying their school days that week, so she prayed about it. She said the idea for a game in math class came to mind instantly. She felt that Jesus gave her wisdom on how to organize the game and reward the winners. The game was a great success with the kids, who were playing on different levels. It breathed new life into their day. When I hung up the phone, I knew I was guilty of not taking my "little" homeschool troubles to the Lord. But raising children is not a little task. We need wisdom from above to help us homeschool so that we ultimately mold their hearts into godly ones. Let's all remind each other to pray about our homeschooling.

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