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NCHE Mentoring Mom Experience

What an wonderful and humbling experience it was to be a Mentoring Mom at the NCHE conference this year! I enjoyed meeting so many parents who are trying to do the right thing for their families. They are so thankful for any advice or help. I really enjoy being at these homeschool events just to be in the company of so many hard-working and praying families who love their children.

Often I would spend 20-30 minutes getting to know just one family. I wanted to hear from them before offering too much advice (which is why we begin with a "getting-to-know-you" survey on our website). On the Mentoring Moms table, we had a notebook available detailing the North Carolina state requirements, but those were not usually the type of questions asked. Mostly the questions were about how to get started or what curriculum to use. Not surprisingly, I never gave the same answer twice.

One lady told me her testimony of her husband receiving a word from God that they were to homeschool their three children. In faith, they pulled them out of school immediately and bought an online program for them. Both parents worked from home so this was possible. But only one of the children had taken to sitting at home all day doing online programs. This mom felt guilty because she was not a teacher and did not feel led to quit her job. I told her you do not have to be the teacher, you only have to be the principal - my number one statement to homeschool parents! I had several recommendations for her which included checking out a local co-op and certain classes in curriculums that are largely done by the student. I loved her testimony and her faith. She felt so encouraged at the end of our talk in continuing to try different solutions to homeschooling. If this describes your situation, please contact me.

I hope I am able to do this again and to serve homeschooling families in other capacities.

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