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How Can a Single Parent Homeschool? A Step-By-Step Guide...

Can a single parent homeschool successfully?

Yes. I've known several and for them it was not only doable, it was successful. If you separate the idea of homeschool principal and homeschool teacher, then it becomes much easier to plan your homeschool while working a full-time job.

A "homeschool principal" is the main administrator who plans and oversees the homeschool, but does not teach individual classes. This job a single mom can do. A "homeschool teacher" teaches each subject several days a week. This job is harder on a single mom due to the time constraints on her, though I would recommend considering doing just one of your child's subjects to save costs and have bonding time with your child.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how one might approach homeschooling as a single mom:

1. Plan your "scope and sequence" for your child. This is where you list out each subject that they should learn.

Here is an example list of some core subjects:

Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Vocab and Writing)





2. Consider your child. Know your child's strengths and weaknesses. What are their best and worst subjects? Can they work alone? Do they like working online?

3. Consider yourself. How much time do you have? What do you like to teach? What is most stressful to you about homeschooling and how can you alleviate that stress?

3. Consider your community. What kind of homeschool co-op classes are offered nearby? What kind of child care support is there? Do you have friends or family who can help you with homeschooling or child care?

4. Make your academic plan. Please ask us for help, if this feels overwhelming.

Here is an example:

Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Vocab and Writing) & P.E. - At a local co-op on Fridays

Math - online Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Grandmama's house

Science - with Uncle Dave on Monday afternoon

History - with me on Saturday morning

5. Now fill in the time you need for childcare and don't forget to add any extracurricular activities. Then make a daily schedule for when homework/independent work is to be done each week. Don't forget to check to make sure the homework is done.

There are so many variables for each working Mom but this should give you a general idea on how to start. For some working parents, children can travel with them to job sites and do their work there. For others, family members or childcare facilities will have the child and homework might have to be done at home at night, as if the child was in regular school. Whatever the situation, this working parent will need to make sure their child doesn't get lost in the shuffle and it would be a good idea to check to see that homework is done every night.

Homeschool student

So go ahead and give homeschooling a try if you are a single parent.

Just be sure to check your state requirements before beginning homeschooling...we can help you get started today!

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