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Time to Homeschool?

Homeschool parent

One question I hear a lot from new homeschool moms is, "How much time should I spend on homeschooling?" or, "I work full time. Do I still have time to homeschool?" Deciding to homeschool is an important decision for your family. Making the time is just another decision only you can make, because you know your own situation. You can spend as much or as little time as it takes for you and your children to feel comfortable and develop a successful schedule (or non-schedule) that still enables your child to gain the knowledge they need.

There are many curriculums out there that cater to the needs of each family situation. There are some curriculum that require your child to school for at least 6 hours a day, like a normal public school. These are called "traditional curriculums" and they all inclusive, teaching all subjects during the day. The opposite of that would be "unschooling", where you would use whatever you find, about whatever you want, to do whenever you can. I find that a lot of the time, moms will prefer to use a variety of curriculum, because they like one thing for reading but another thing for math, and yet another for science or social studies. That is one freedom in homeschooling, to pick and choose what you want based on how your child is learning best! So, depending on the kind of curriculum you choose, that will determine how much time you and your child will take to go through it each day.

Moms also have the option to have their child in co-op classes. Adding outside classes could help in time management and adding some freedom to your day. If you only have an hour or two to spend with your child because you work, then finding a co-op program in your area for them during the day might be a great option for you. All in all, it is you who has the privilege to make your own schedule how you want, and decide how your time will be spent. Don't forget to spend time with your child on a personal level, too! Take the time for field trips, games, special activities, character and faith building. This will make your homeschool experience more rewarding for all of you.

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