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Teach Them Diligently

People homeschool for a lot of different reasons, but many homeschool for faith-based reasons. This is the main reason that I homeschool. It is a tragedy that schools to do not teach the Bible or pray anymore in class. The lack of humility that comes from teaching students to believe omnipotent is dangerous and deceitful. It would come as surprise to many adults to find that children are RELIEVED to know there is a higher power. They are actually happier with rules to create a moral compass for their souls.

Homeschool kids dressed as bible characters

This is why I love to teach the Bible. Children love the stories and characters. They can relate it to their own lives and begin modeling faith, hope and purity in hard situations. My father always told us bible stories and ingrained their lessons in our hearts.

My father, my homeschool children

I also love to pray with my children. In our congregation, we occasionally have a prayer time in which the entire room gets out of their chair to pray. But this act can be done at home too. Praying bedside the bed at night is not a bad idea, even if every night seems a bit ceremonial. There will certainly be times in which a family has a need and this is the best time to pray.

Homeschool toddler praying

The Bible says we should teach our children diligently, but sometimes we can forget to include our faith. When I begin teaching my daughter I was so worried about getting behind academically that I left out my main reason for homeschooling: to impart my faith and love of God. At the end of our academically successful year, neither one of us enjoyed it. Then I had a random phone call from a former homeschool mom who had the motto: "The primary goal is the power of the Lord, showing my son that faith in Jesus Christ is everything." This become my motto too and after adding Bible class and sharing stories of faith, I found that homeschooling become so much easier. Now we begin our day with a Bible reading and no matter what else comes that day, we at least accomplished the most important homeschooling "class" finished. Just so I wouldn't forget my main reason for homeschooling, I typed this saying up and posted it on my homeschool wall.

homeschool motto on wall

I hope we all stay thankful for the freedom which exists for us now to be able to homeschool and to share our faith with our children. Let's take advantage of the opportunity that has been given!

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