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A Season for Everything

Dear Homeschool Mom,

God designed different season for us. Summer is a different time from winter and our activity varies accordingly. In each season, we do different things. Just so, there are so many seasons of life. What season are you in?

I am here to encourage you to give yourself grace in whatever season you are in. Recognizing the season and knowing that it will pass is empowering.

homeschooling detour

Recently I have been in a season of what I call iving in "survival mode". The reason for this is that I am excited to begin my third pregnancy. Unfortunately I have learned that I suffer from fairly severe morning sickness. Taking care of myself had to become my number one priority. I had many other things I wanted to do but this was my season and it would pass. I had to give myself grace and let some things go. I imagine it will be the same when the baby is born. But there are lessons to be learned in each season for the whole family.

Other seasons of my life I have enjoyed more, but still they pass too. Small children grow so quickly. Some people find this season so enjoyable that they wish to hold on to the time while others wish for it to hurry by. But either way, the time passes at it's usual pace.

Wisdom will teach us to look for the good in each season and enjoy it before it is gone. There is always something to learn and grow from, even in the hardest times.

If you are in a season you do not like, give yourself and your children lots of grace. There are lessons to be learned that go beyond the textbook. Look for a season to come soon of a more academic nature if you are concerned about getting behind, but do not miss the lessons to be learned today about faithfulness, love, compassionate and grace for yourself, as well as your family.

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